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          Our factory WuHu Motors Electromechanical Technology Co.,ltd.was established in 2006 which is located in WuHu National Grade High-tech Developing Zone and occupied 16,000 square meters including factory and office building. With more than 40 employees, our output for 35/45mm tubular motor is 25000PCS per month, for 59/92mm tubular motor is 8000PCS per month. Meanwhile in order to make sure of the top quality, all components and accessories should be under the strict supervision of Quality-Control System. Therefore we offer 5years warranty to every customer.
          As a National High- Tech Enterprise, our products have passed CE,TUV approval and our products were exported to Europe, America, Middle-east etc countries of the world. Meanwhile our experienced team which consist of many senior designer , administrator and technician who engaged in producing tubular motor for many years are improving & developing new products continuous and can help you enlarge your market according to your specific pattern required.  
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